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Kimberly J Nunn, MHS, PT

Many Blessings is a dream come true! Reflecting my personal intent in life and "livelihood", the underlying commitment of Many Blessings is to be of service to others in a supportive, insightful and productive manner ... preferably in the spirit of fun and light-heartedness. (True elixirs for healing !)

For over twenty-five years I provided physical therapy services through established corporate medical systems, and have been greatly blessed by the invaluable experience and education gained through that venue of healthcare. As my knowledge and skills in the application of alternative medicine techniques progressed, however, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the inability to offer those services within the boundaries of a traditional medical center. Therein lay the motivation for the creation of Many Blessings.

As owner and sole proprietor of Many Blessings, I am extremely grateful for the freedom to offer all of my clients the full spectrum of my professional skills "under one roof".

Very few challenges in our lives stem from a single cause. Being able to address the "rough waters" of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a circumstance, particularly in the moment they arise and make themselves known, greatly adds to the efficiency and effectiveness of coming together to enhance personal potential and quality
of life.

In each and every moment the Universe is unfolding in bright and beautiful ways ! That we may come together and co-creativity nurture a functional awareness of our individual and collective part to play within that awesome beauty.... That we may steadily move forward on the path leading to our highest and greatest potential. This is my personal vision of service. This is the opportunity I extend to you....

A humble invitation with much appreciation and, of course,

Many Blessings !! Kimberly

Many Blessings !!

Kimberly Nunn
physical therapyProfessional History

Kimberly graduated from the University of Florida College of Health Related Professions in 1981, and earned a Master's Degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from the University of Indianapolis in 1993. Furthering her skills as a manual orthopedic specialist, she completed certification in manipulation of the spine and extremities through the Institute of Graduate Health Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia, and has undergone extensive training in myofascial release and craniosacral therapy with international instructor, John F. Barnes. Presently she is involved with ongoing studies through Bowen Therapy International, and a variety of educational resources specializing in vestibular disorders, dynamic balance and fall prevention.

Keenly aware of "other dimensions" since adolescence, Kimberly describes herself as a natural empath and intuitive. In the early 1970's she was introduced to meditation through the Transcendental Meditation Program, later becoming one of their youngest facilitators. It was through regular meditation and exposure to eastern philosophy that she was able to form a frame of reference for her "unusual experiences", and became firmly anchored in an appreciative awareness of that which she calls "the Divine."

Naturally drawn to alternative healing, Kimberly offers a unique blend of "hands-on " skills and energy medicine techniques, further enhanced by her medical background and intuitive insight.

Kimberly is an ordained interfaith minister and maintains active involvement and study through the Monroe Institute, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Vesica Spirit and Science Resources, the American Tarot Association and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

A gifted speaker, author and workshop facilitator, Kimberly addresses a wide variety of health related and metaphysical topics.

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"Learning and sharing...with a big dose of caring.  That's what it's all about!!"