ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES - wholistic approaches to wellness

Please note that the services listed below are merely a sampling of the skills Kimberly has to offer.  A session with Kimberly is likely to include a combination of approaches as directed by her intuitive guidance and professional understanding.

Words can seldom convey the fullness of actual experience.  If the idea of a session catches your interest, even from the viewpoint of a healthy skeptic, ...give it a whirl !

If you are unhappy with your initial visit, for any reason, Kimberly will gladly refund 50% of the cost of your session .

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue "moves" which assist the body in re-establishing a state of physical, physiological, and energetic balance.  The result is a body empowered to heal itself.

Common conditions referred for treatment by Bowen Therapy include arthritic pain, headache, neck and low back pain, joint pain, digestive disorders, allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and a host of movement disorders.

Bowen Therapy is not a form of massage.  The work is gentle, non-invasive and relaxing, consisting of precise "moves" applied to specific areas of the body.  Acknowledging the basic principles of energy medicine, periods of rest are an integral component of every session.

The Bowen Technique is a major advance in alternative healing, now practiced in over 30 countries.  At last ! A therapeutic approach that allows the body's own wisdom to direct the healing process !

Please feel free to discuss this incredible healing modality with Kimberly prior to your appointment !

Intuitive Bodywork

Intuitive Bodywork is a combination of "hands-on" therapy, energy medicine, and possible inter-dimensional exploration.  Each session is a unique experience specific to the individual client.

It is recommended that one wear loose, comfortable clothing to this session to readily allow contact with the torso and extremities as needed.  Guided by intuition and insight, Kimberly will provide a detoxifying, clearing and balancing bodywork session.  Please note that this is not a form of massage.

Kimberly will be happy to discuss the specifics of this approach with you prior to your appointment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Frequently referred to as the "tapping technique", EFT is a form of energy medicine with a wide array of applications. Whether it be a fear, a habit, a persistent pain complaint, self sabotage, or just plain old "I hate when I do that", EFT can help free you from unwanted, non-productive behaviors.

EFT is based on the theory that our thoughts and behaviors, both conscious and unconscious, become imprinted within our neurological and/or energetic system. The actual EFT technique consists of "tapping" on various acupuncture points to disrupt and remove the unwanted thought and behavior pattern.

The tapping technique is simple and easily taught within a single visit. The success of EFT as a therapeutic tool, however, is contingent upon partnering with a practitioner competent in assisting you to identify the underlying thoughts relevant to the behavior you wish to change.

Please be aware that, although EFT is an energy psychology technique, Kimberly is not a psychologist or psychiatrist. In like, these sessions do not involve psychological analysis or a need to "re-live" distressing events in your life.

Kimberly prefers to meet with her clients in person, if possible, however EFT sessions can be conducted by telephone. 

Interactive Tarot

Tarot can be described as the art of interpreting archetypal symbols with the intent of gaining insight and assistance in one's personal and spiritual growth.

Commonly referred to as "having your cards read", it is most often regarded as a medium for predicting future events. Though often uncannily helpful in that respect, tarot's rich history points to a far more applicable purpose.

Closely related to Quabbalah mystery school teachings regarding the Tree of Life, tarot employs an ancient system of symbolism to access the unconscious mind. As such, it becomes a powerful tool for inquiry and self discovery.

Merging her intuition, knowledge and insight with yours, Kimberly promotes a creative dynamic during the "reading" to enhance your ability to discern the challenges and options before you with greater clarity and objectivity.

Kimberly prefers to meet with her clients in person, if possible, however tarot sessions can be conducted by telephone if needed.

Spiritual / Intuitive Mentoring

As our lives unfold, often we find ourselves challenged by what lies before us or, perhaps more often, what lies within us. Sometimes the challenge is a specific event or circumstance, while other times it's more nebulous and difficult to 'pin point'. Whatever is motivating our heart to seek, however, the path of discovery is always more lush, more productive and more comforting when walked with a friend.

As an ordained interfaith minister, as well as a long-time student, teacher, and practitioner of metaphysics, Kimberly will partner with you in prayer, support, and creative insight in your time of challenge.

"Ultimately we all must make our own way in this world, discerning for ourselves what is true and right. Having someone who can be compassionately objective, while supporting our sense of integrity and freedom of choice, is invaluable. I consider it a blessing and an honor to serve as a spiritual mid-wife of sorts, assisting others in birthing that which is already deep with them, just awaiting it's time of recognition."      (Kimberly J. Nunn)

As with all services provided through Many Blessings, your personal information is always kept confidential.