Frequently asked Questions :

What does it cost ?

The workshop tuition varies, depending on the venue. Individual fee information is included in each listing on this website.

Are there any medical contraindications ?

If you are currently taking any medications we advise you to continue to do so as prescribed. While Hemi-Sync has many positive applications as an adjunct to wellness and healing, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have a tendency towards auditory disorders, seizures or adverse mental condition(s), do not listen to Hemi-Sync without first consulting with your physician.

Are subliminal messages embedded in the audio-technology ?

No. Subliminal messages are not a part of any Monroe Institute product. Subliminal recordings have the intention of embedding a particular thought in the mind of the listener by recording words at sub-audible levels, often at high speeds. Hemi-Sync sound patterns, although recorded at a sub-audible level, are not verbal messages and are not recorded at high speed. The purpose of Hemi-Sync sound patterns is to assist you in obtaining the focused brain state you desire.

How can I best prepare for this workshop ?

The best way to prepare for this program is to fully “free” your time to attend the workshop. Create an environment that allows you to relax and just “explore and experience” without lingering thoughts about work-left-undone, people unattended, commitments to fill, plans for the evening, etc ... View this workshop as a gift to yourself, and “wrap it” so you can fully enjoy it !
(Please note that it is recommended that participants avoid recreational alcohol or drugs during and just prior to the program.)

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop ?

We suggest that you bring pillows and blankets to ensure a comfortable “personal space”.  You will be spending a considerable amount of time lying down or reclining. Air mattresses will be provided, but feel free to bring whatever you may need to be comfortable. You may also want to bring something to cover your eyes, such as a sleep mask or dark colored scarf or bandana.

You can bring your own headset/headphones, if you prefer. All necessary headphones and technology for the program will be provided, but we understand that you may prefer to use your own “special” equipment. Please know that earbuds are discouraged and that noise cancellation headphones cannot be used with Hemi-Sync. The audio system that will be used is not compatible with wireless headphones.

Last, but far from least, you will want to bring a journal or notepad and something to write with. You will be provided with a workbook, which will also have space for journaling or taking notes. If you like to use colored pencils or pens, please feel free to bring them ... and, of course, if you wear glasses for reading or writing, be sure to bring them as well.

The most important thing to bring with you is an open mind !!

How can I assist in bringing an Excursion Workshop to my locale?

Easy! Simply contact Kimberly to begin the process (click here).
If you are willing to host a workshop in your home or place of business, you and a friend attend free ... or you attend free, and two friends attend at half the cost of registration. This is really a great way to keep the workshop both comfortable and affordable for all the participants. 


If you would prefer to assist Kimberly in finding an affordable and appropriate location for the workshop in your area, and are willing to assist her during the workshop weekend, you attend free. 

Be in touch and let's explore the possibilities !