{*** delete *** Upload your images for the gallery into the "image" folder. (/userfile/image/ or where ever your image folder is. Note: If you are not using the default paths, you will need to modify the href and src paths accordingly.) You can use the image tool for uploading images. In code view, add the "rel" attribute with a value of "lightbox" to each image that is to use the Lightbox viewer. i.e. rel="lightbox" The "src" attribute of the "img" tag points to the thumbnail image, and the "href" attribute of the "a" tag points to the full-size image. *** delete ***}

{*** delete *** You may also specify a group of images to create a slide show with previous and next buttons. In code view, simply enter a group name between square brackets [] for the "rel" attribute. i.e. rel="lightbox[group]" Alternatly, you may delete all of the above code and place your full-size images in image/gallery/fs/, and your thumb nails in image/gallery/tn/ (or where ever your gallery folders are). The full-size and thumbnail image file names must match up. I.e., if you have a full-image with the name "pic-001.jpg", your corresponding thumbnail must also be named "pic-001.jpg". Server-side script already exists in this page to automatically search these folders and generate the necessary code for your gallery. You may prefer this method especially if you have a lot of photos to add to your gallery. Note: You will need to delete the photos from the "gallery/fs/" and "gallery/tn/" folders if you do not want these samples as part of your gallery as this page will automatically display them otherwise. *** delete ***}
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