Shamanic Journey

Come share in the spiritual presence of the shamanic drumming circle ! In the tradition of cultures around the world, the drum becomes the vehicle of the soul to realms beyond and within; the realms of Power Animals and Spirit Guides dedicated to the guidance and protection of souls on the earth plane.

Discover worlds unknown in "ordinary reality"!!

Join in the power
           of the circle!!





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Why do I teach
     metaphysics ?

Because it honestly enriches my life on every level !  Metaphysics teaches you how the world works and, more importantly, how you work, from the inside out.  Applied awareness of metaphysical principles lends to a life characterized by happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind.  What more could you ask for ?

Kimberly J Nunn

Crystal Bowl

Never attended a crystal bowl service ?  Don't know how to meditate ? . . .
        Not to worry !

No experience required!

Come bask in the uniquely soothing tones of multiple crystal bowls as they clear, attune and energize your path to a happier, healthier you !!



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