PHYSICAL THERAPY - blending science with inspiration

* Please note, most physical therapy services are reimbursable through Medicare B and private insurance providers when accompanied by a physician's prescription.

Traditional Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an entry level healthcare profession requiring a Master's Degree from an accredited medical college or university, and licensure through the state board of medical examiners. Regarded as the "guardians of human movement and function", physical therapists provide skilled healthcare services to promote, maintain, and restore normal mobility and function, reduce pain and prevent disability.

Following a thorough evaluation, Kimberly will develop a plan of care specific to your individual needs. Drawing from a variety of physical modalities and treatment approaches ( i.e., heat/ice, ultrasound, therapeutic massage, exercise prescription, muscle re-education, core stabilization, dynamic balance training, gait training) , she will progressively tailor a home program designed for your long-term success.

Blending science with inspiration, Kimberly will partner with you to provide personal professional instruction, guidance, and motivation through-out your rehabilitation process; the functional path to your personal best !!

Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Manual orthopedics is a specialty field within the profession of physical therapy. Therapists who choose to pursue this additional training develop an expertise in "hands on" therapeutic techniques, much like those traditionally applied in the field of osteopathy ( i.e., advanced therapeutic massage, joint and soft tissue mobilization/manipulation, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy). Although recognized and "titled" as an orthopedic specialty, the skills encompassed within this field of study are of value in the treatment of a wide array of disorders not commonly associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Most manual skills are very gentle and relaxing in nature, thereby proving helpful in the treatment of stress related disorders, chronic pain and the sequelae of many autoimmune and age-related disease processes.

Kimberly will apply these skills as her professional judgment deems appropriate. The rationale for their application and any information pertinent to their effectiveness will be explained and discussed with you prior to their use.

* Please feel free to ask questions regarding your care!

Dynamic Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Normal dynamic balance; the ability to remain upright and maintain one's center of gravity during movement, is integral to independent functional mobility and fall prevention.

Dynamic balance is a finely tuned orchestration of several physical and physiological factors including strength, flexibility, posture, coordination, lower extremity sensation and proprioception, visual acuity, vestibular (inner ear) integrity and neurological health. Many, if not all, of these areas are negatively affected by a sedentary lifestyle, the presence of disease, potential side effects from prescribed medications, and poor dietary habits.

Recent advances within the field of physical therapy have expanded the scope of professional practice to include assessment and treatment of visual and vestibular disorders as they relate to functional mobility and safety. Therapists willing to undergo additional training can now more fully and effectively address the underlying causes of poor dynamic balance which were previously overlooked.

Following a thorough evaluation, including a home safety and assistive equipment assessment, Kimberly will design a comprehensive and progressive home program to assist you in returning to your optimal level of physical fitness, functional independence, and safety.

* Please note, this treatment is provided in-home and can extend up to 12 weeks in duration, depending upon client need.